Our Part for the Society

Not only we love jewelleries, we love animals – the ones who gives asks for nothing and gives us their unconditional love.
10% of the profit made through your purchase provides a second chance to an injured stray which may otherwise be euthanasia.
Malaysian Dogs Deserve BetterMalaysian Dogs Deserves Better website Facebook (MDDB) is a a canine social welfare society in Malaysia. Through Facebook, injured or young strays are regularly reported and rescued by it’s large network of ad-hoc volunteers. Sometimes they rescue cases of neglected or abandoned pets.
The care of the injured stray, often from abuse from human, is very costly. Which is why some shelters in Malaysia with limited funding opt for euthanasia to be able to provide for the healthy ones. MDDB does not turn its back on injured ones and often plead for donations to provide medical care to bring them back to health. The follow care of the strays are published in their blogs and facebook and when ready a foster home and a home is arranged.
MDDB also petitions for better and more humane ways of stray management in Malaysia aim to eradicate kill shelters.

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